27th Development, a fast rising firm in real estate, investment, and construction, recently celebrated 27 of its distinguished real estate associates for their outstanding sales achievements in 2023.

Highlighting the pivotal role these associates played in the company’s success, founder Samuel Erigha Williams remarked: “The associates at 27th Development have been central to our achievements.

Their exceptional sales performance, coupled with their strategic approach to marketing and client engagement, were crucial in the successful launch of Veronica 1, setting the stage for Veronica 2, Giovanna Estate and future projects.

Their deep understanding of the Lagos real estate market has significantly contributed to our rapid expansion and market presence.”

Williams further highlighted the reasons behind their commendation: “Their dedication, creative strategies, and steady results make these associates exemplary.

Their deep commitment to addressing client needs has been critical in enabling many to become property owners in Lagos. Their successful alignment with our corporate values and their significant financial contributions distinctly position them for recognition.”

The top-performing associates with noteworthy sales in 2023 include Oluchi Njeze, Elizabeth Owoyemi, Olanshile Davids, Ayodeji Oladimeji, Tekina Osemeke, Dien Abigail, Azzizat Oduwole, Enakhimion Destiny, Christiana Urhobo, Kelly Mumbor, Uthman Gbolagun, Iluyinka Adeyemi, Ukpong Abiodun, and others.

The list also features Godwin Solomon, Morrison Nwidag, Michael Ojogwu, Eyiowuawi Isiaq Akinkunmi, Deborah Akpubi, Blessing Samuel, King Jobi, Christabel Oletu, Omolola Omisade, Kamalia Ahmed, Peter Okhayan, Joy Umoebok, Blessing Titus and Tega Adegbite.

Williams also commented on their alignment with the company’s goals: “Their contributions perfectly echo our core objectives of delivering quality, ensuring customer satisfaction, and championing sustainable new development.

By prioritizing these key areas, they have not only secured remarkable sales achievements but also bolstered our reputation as a real estate market leader. Their commitment to sales excellence and customer service mirrors our mission to empower individuals through property ownership and make a positive community impact.”

This recognition underscores 27th Development’s commitment to excellence and its drive to lead in the real estate sector.