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Project V

Experience the magic of luxury and the excitement of living life to the fullest in Victoria Metropolis, Abeokuta!

Nestled amidst a city that breathes history and whispers tales of bygone eras, every corner is a page waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re savoring lavish experiences or discovering hidden gems, Victoria Metropolis is the place to indulge in the art of living life fully.

Let the city inspire you as you create unforgettable memories and embrace the joy of luxury living. Welcome to a place where every day is a chapter in your own captivating story.

Victoria Metropolis, Abeokuta: A city that tells a story…

Coming soon!

Project IV

Something Absolutely amazing is coming Stay Tuned!!!

Introducing the first of its kind -“The Proton Residence” – where luxury meets family living by 27th Development, an unparalleled luxury real estate project combining opulence, convenience, and sophisticated architecture.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on this exceptional endeavor.

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Project III

Veronica II 

If Veronica District I left you impressed, Veronica District II will leave you speechless!

Strategically positioned by the roadside and offering plots that promise both value and potential, Veronica District II is where you plot your future, and where nature becomes more than a destination, but a timeless sanctuary of an enduring legacy.

Project II

Giovanna – Unleash the Power of Affordability, Welcome Fresh Horizons!

Unlock unparalleled excellence at Giovanna today. Your opportunity to grasp the splendor of nature and embark on an exhilarating new chapter. Embrace nature’s bounty at prices that will electrify you. Giovanna the inception of fresh, vibrant beginnings! 

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Project I

New Prices, Fresh Beginnings!

Explore the unbeatable value of the Veronica District’s latest pricing, starting today. Your canvas to build, create, and flourish starts here, today. Secure your piece of nature’s beauty. Embrace Nature’s Gift at Unbeatable Prices!

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